Cattery Mirage Blanc Persians  

I've been breeding silver shadeds for 15 years, when I decided to do solids in future. Because I cannot be without any cats.
I just love to go to the shows, so I visited a few CFA shows to see the quality of cats there.
From the first moment I knew it had to be a black male from Paolo, and a red male from Antonio!
I did choose my cats for their pedigrees. My blue girl was a gift from my dear friend Melanie and I bought my first white cat from Joke.
After that I could get a black girl from Ltch cattery. Unfortunately my white girl never got babies, which made me very very sad.
It is very difficult to find a high quality white cat in Europe, that doesn't have lines that everyone else is breeding with. And so my dear friend Paolo
gave me my best christmas gift ever: my little Sogno! Words cannot describe how happy I have been!
Now I am showing my cats in CFA since 3 years, all my cats are meanwhile CFA registered.
I really enjoy meeting my friends at the shows and having a blast.
All my cats have free run through the whole house, even my males have free access to all rooms when I am at home.
My cats mean everything to me!