I just saw the results from Herman online and I am thrilled to announce my brand new Grand Champion MIRAGE BLANC ESKIMO KISS.
There was a big surprise when I saw his points online...

On his first show as an open in Dortmund he collected already 220 grandpoints, which means he is a ONE SHOW GRAND!

I am very proud to announce that he has earned also the title of CFA REGIONAL WINNER this season!

I am so proud of this boy and want to thank Paolo and Roberta, without their help this would have not been possible!


I just arrived back from Madrid with my new fantastic gift from my friends Paolo and Roberta.  
What a big big surprise for me! "KUORII LE NOIROASIS"  
My new male for the future Mirage Blanc Eskimo Kiss  
Von der Show in Wijchen am 06.03.2012, komme ich zurück mit meinem ersten Grand Champion aus meiner eigenen Zucht ."Mirage Blanc Drag Queen"
Back from the Wijchen Show this weekend 6.03.12 with my first homebred Grand Champion "Mirage Blanc Drag Queen."
Wir sind am 11.Januar 2012 neu online gegangen.  

I would like to say a big Thank You to the following breeders, for giving me their wonderful cats for my solid breeding program:
Melanie Haendel, Paolo Carnevaletti, Roberta Canal and Antonio Maradan.
Also a big Thanks to Frank Dueker for the wonderful photos he took of my cats, and also to Herma Wulff for doing this beautiful website for me.

And last but not least I am extremely thankful for the friendships that arised with Melanie, Paolo ,Roberta and Frank. Love you guys


Wir freuen uns auf das neue Girl  
Kuorii Sogno of Mirage Blanc